Hybrid cars are so called because they run on a combination of two different power sources. The first is a normal but usually highly fuel efficient gas engine designed to get the maximum amount of power and mileage from the minimum amount of fuel. This is usually also designed to minimize the exhaust gas and carbon emissions. The second is a high power electric motor, which is run by batteries stored in the car.

The new innovations and advances in technology have enabled a new generation of hybrid cars to make use of this idea to both reduce fuel costs and to enable drivers to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced by their cars.This combination of two fuel sources allows hybrid cars to run on the “normal” engine when high or sustained levels of power are required such as fast country roads or highways. This is also when a gas engine is at its most efficient and will therefore provide the best fuel economy, and the lowest level of emissions.

Hybrid cars are one of the more recent, and most practical, innovations in the fight against greenhouse gases and global warming. One direct and immediate benefit of driving a hybrid car is the reduction in your fuel bill. This has become more and more important recently with the escalating cost of gas at the pumps.

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